nd travel▓ing 100 kilometers after its battery is charged. It has a maximum service life of 200,000 kilometers. The chassis is specially designed, making it safer and more comfortable than ordinary buses."The first batch of 50 new energy buses is expected t

n Vehicles Co▓. The first batch of 50

May 28th in buses is schedu by / image

ing Public Tr▓ansportation Group will decide when these new energy buses will take to the road.Changping to build "Energy Innovation Demonstration Park""Zhongguancun Energy, Science and Inn▓ovation Demonstration Park,鈥?focusing on new types of energy, energy-saving▓ and emissions reduction, wi

led to be delivered in | June this year.

On May 13, in Beijing Automobi

May 24th in le Futon Vehicle by / image

ll start construction in Changping District. During t▓he promotion show for the energy technology industry in Changping Distri▓ct, held on May 13, Jin Shudong, director of Changping District described the prospect for "Zhongguancun Energy, Science and Innovation▓ Demonstration Park," which is in its planning and pre-construction phase. He stated that the

s Co.'s design and m▓ | anufacturing base
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